Dariusburst Second Prologue Game on ITunes

The shooting game classic has arrived! Darius is a series of side-scrolling space shooter Taito. We remember with pleasure, among others, the episode G-Darius, came out years ago on the Playstation. If you liked the genre, you know that Darius Burst SP is available for Android and iOS at full price, by promising a healthy dose

Rapture – World Conquest Game arrives on the App Store

  I like the idea of imitating the role of a jealous god of heaven. Rapture – World Conquest will do this and more, and will guide you through an adventure that uses the formula of real-time strategy, made ​​here particularly “brisk”, to make the experience as exciting as possible. Unlike other strategy games it gets

THE DEAD : Beginning Game arrives on Android

November: the totality of autumn makes its presence, the plants have been exposed of their leaves forever, and in the homes they remember the dead and their exploits. November, then, is the month before the Christmas period. Missing is still time for parties, so why not shorten the wait with this new collection games!! Will